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‘Apocolypse Now: The Game’ Is Now Live on Kickstarter

‘Apocolypse Now: The Game’ Is Now Live on Kickstarter

Yes, ‘Apocolypse Now: The Game’ is actually a real thing, and it’s not going to let you forget it. The good folks at Erebus LLC, whose staff have previously contributed to games such as Wasteland 2 and Far Cry, are creating an experience unlike any other. They will need approximately $900,000 USD to complete development, so the designers resorted to Kickstarter in because “traditional game publishers would try to turn it into a shooter.” Lawerence Liberty of the Erebus team stresses, “We are not making a shooter. We’re making a survival-horror experience.”

The team elaborates, explaining that shooter games don’t care about the teenager that’s pulling the trigger. Josh Sawyer says, “It’s not very clear what the right decisions are at any given time.” The devs promise a psychologically thrilling experience, with lots of agency.

The 1,349 backers and $63,000 USD (1/26/17) aren’t the only pieces of public assurance. Francis Ford Coppola, creator of the motion picture, endorses the game, saying, “I remember telling my editor,… the more he worked on ‘Apocolypse Now’, the crazier he would get. If you experience this game, perhaps it will have the same effect on you.”

This is a game that we will certainly keep our eyes on.