‘Astroneer’ Early Access Review

‘Astroneer’ Early Access Review

After fans wrote ‘No Man’s Sky’ off as a let-down, many small developers are looking to capitalize on the lack of major competition. One of those developers is System Era Softworks. Based in Seattle, Washington, this small group of developers set out to create a universe where every planet was procedurally generated and able to be terraformed and manipulated by the player. This game became known as ‘Astroneer’.


An Inviting Universe

Every aspect of this game, from explorers to rovers to copper mines, is downright adorable. The game’s designers added a cute or funny little detail to everything. Even menial tasks become fun and inspiring when a polygonal moon rises above the beautifully lit hillside. Every shadow and every shine becomes a source of “Wow”. I never could’ve imagined making a world that would seem simplistic and mundane be a source of visual joy.


Setting Up Camp

As far as the gameplay is concerned, I am totally sold. To thrive on this new world, you extend your home base modularly, bit-by-bit, by collecting resources from the planet. You can construct vehicle-bays, smelters, and more. Also, the game features a very interesting mechanic to ensure you always have something new to build. Throughout the universe, you can find new life-forms, geodes, and other items of intrigue to research. You may think the construction of your interstellar estate is complete until you discover a way to increase your power supply from a newly-researched wind turbine.


The Final Frontier

Overall, ‘Astroneer’ is a captivating expeience for all types of play styles. Join up with a friend and explore the galaxy planet-by-planet, or build an extra-terrestrial castle fit for the King of Space. Even though it can sometimes be plagued with annoying bugs, you will never stop having fun in ‘Astroneer’.

Everything we wanted from the genre and more!