Indie Title ‘Convicted Galaxy’ Launches Stellar Kickstarter Campaign

Indie Title ‘Convicted Galaxy’ Launches Stellar Kickstarter Campaign

Mind Grown Software LLC, a small development team operating out of Stevens Point Wisconsin, is currently in development of a “2.5D” shoot-em-up, action game called “Convicted Galaxy”. Although the project is “pretty far along” in development, the team is operating with a small budget and has turned to Kickstarter, a popular crowdfunding site, for the resources needed to complete the project. Their goal is to reach $10,225 USD in thirty days (ending February 2nd).

The game takes place in a faraway galaxy filled with escaped convicts after a prison ship is critically disabled. In order to survive this hostile space, the player must construct orbital stations, link satellites, and upgrade their ship to ward off enemies and claim this new frontier system by system.

Can’t get enough of the arcade-style combat aesthetics

Dogfights occur on one plane, with some cosmetic objects filling the z-axis. In response to a fan’s question, they added, “…we do plan on adding quite a bit more variation to this. We are also looking into ways to implement ‘rings’ around planets as well as orbital moons, which may also extend into the Z axis.”93506e64bcee94d5bc10a8168eee5c10_originalA screenshot of exploration in ‘Convicted Galaxy’. Image from ‘Convicted Galaxy’ Kickstarter Page.

The title is also said to have an intuitive user experience, while still maintaining the depth of customization. According to Mind Grown Software, the game will feature six space stations to build at launch, as well as four unique ship hulls and upwards of 30 ship upgrades.

The Kickstarter campaign also boasts donation rewards that allow the backer to customize some aspects of the game, such as mission logs, friendly pilots, and the names of planets and solar systems. These changes will be universal upon the game’s final release in May 2017.

We will be following the progress, and ultimately the release, of ‘Convicted Galaxy’ here on aisyd Games in the coming months.